Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego w Kielcach [ZTM - Municipal Transport Authority in Kielce] was established on 1 July 2003 under the Resolution No. IX/156/2003 of the Kielce City Council, in the form of the budget commune of the Municipality of Kielce.

Municipal Transport Authority:

  1. is an organisational unit of the City of Kielce, unincorporated, conducted in the form of budgetary unit,
  2. organises, manages and supervises public transport on behalf of the City of Kielce.

The object of the Authority is the organisation of public transport, which includes:

  1. collecting data and conducting analyses of transport needs,
  2. planning, organisation and coordination of the communication system,
  3. the development of timetables,
  4. selling tickets for the services of public transport, handling matters related to the distribution of tickets,
  5. the inspection of tickets and entitlements to free of charge travel and collecting additional charges,
  6. the enforcement of liabilities for the carriage of passengers or luggage and additional charges related to the carriage of persons, animals or luggage,
  7. the promotion of sale of public transport services,
  8. testing the economic efficiency of the functioning of individual bus lines,
  9. the tender agreements with carriers for the provision of transport services,
  10. the control of quantity and quality of the agreements implementation,
  11. the execution of payment for the provision of transport services,
  12. developing projects for ticket tariff systems and the implementation of ticket tariff policy,
  13. preparing and making the information on the functioning of public transport available,
  14. carrying out research related to public transport requirements and the degree of its implementation,
  15. initiating investment projects related to the development of public transport,
  16. the implementation of investment projects concerning the investment purchases related to public transport,
  17. issuing certificates for providing public transport,
  18. the implementation of the investments for the needs of public transport,
  19. the distribution of the timetables of carriers at bus stops located in the Municipality of Kielce.

The Municipal Transport Authority is managed and represented by Director  Marian Sosnowski, MSc., Eng., Deputy Director  Barbara Damian, MA/MSc.
Please, make payment for using public transport service without a valid ticket to the following account: 91 1050 1461 1000 0023 5332 0720

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